Children’s Week

21-29 October 2023


Children’s Week in Australia is an annual event that celebrates the rights, talents, and achievements of children. It typically occurs during the fourth Week of October. The week-long event aims to promote the well-being and welfare of children and highlight their rights to education, health, and well-rounded development.

During Children’s Week, various activities and events are organised across the country, with a focus on children’s participation. These activities often include educational programs, workshops, art exhibitions, concerts, and family-friendly events. The main goal of these activities is to recognise and celebrate the unique contributions of children to society and emphasise their right to a safe and happy childhood. There is a growing need to recognise the importance of a child’s right to safe and happy childhood and how many children don’t experience this right. Violations of children’s rights are an ongoing concern, with countless young lives affected by conflict, displacement, domestic and family violence and limited access to education/healthcare, highlighting the urgent need for improvements to the safeguarding policies in place for the protection of children’s rights. 


Children’s Week is a time when schools, community organisations, and families can come together to celebrate children and promote their well-being to build on safeguarding. It provides an opportunity for adults and children to engage in meaningful conversations and activities that can help create a better environment for children to grow, learn, and thrive. The specific events and activities may vary from one year to another and from one location to another, but the core focus remains on children’s rights and their importance in society.

To celebrate Children’s Week SAGE ran held a guessing competition for families who participate in the groups facilitated by SAGE. The prize was a Kids Pack that included items that engage parents and children in fun and creative activities.

SAGE is a child focused service and many children enjoy accessing our services. Each term we run supported playgroups that are accessible to all families. These supported playgroups offer:

  • Playing and interacting in different ways.

  • Explore new experiences and meet new people who live locally.

  • Increase knowledge on child development and encourage development through play.

  • Provide a space where skills and self-confidence increase.

  • Have fun outside the home

If you would like to enquire on how you can attend a supported playgroup near you, then please contact the office on 9636 8437.



For more information, visit the Children’s Week website