National Aboriginal Children’s Day


The 4th of August, is the national day Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities celebrate the culture and strengths of their children. This date was historically used to mark the birthdays of children who had been removed from their families and who never knew their birthdates – the Stolen Generation.

All Australians on this day, can show their support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island children and take the opportunity to learn about the impact that culture, community and family has on their lives. Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children continue to face challenges stemming from the effects of colonisation that has occurred over generations. National Aboriginal Children’s Day provides not only an opportunity to celebrate, but serves as a reminder of the work that needs to be done to create a brighter and more equitable future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children.

Children’s voices matter, they pave a path for the future. It is particularly important for Indigenous children, to feel empowered to speak their truth and be proud of their culture.

#LittleVoices #LoudFutures

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